Discussion of results

  1. Discussion of results
    1. The general experience of the  service users  shows  satisfaction with the overall service provided which is excellent
    2. The client experience , attracted over 3 times as many adverse comments as supportive comments 142 to 44.
    3. There are 4 significant areas of discontent. reported by many respondents, which would probably repay more investigation.
    4. The areas of concern were Clinics, Wards, Radiotherapy, and Parking which together attracted 106 adverse comments being 57% of all responses.
    5. Parking is a known issue and some limited actions have been taken to ameliorate the position of parking related to Radiotherapy. The wider issue of parking for cancer patients clearly needs exploring.

Sine the causes of dissatisfaction with Clinics, Wards and Radiotherapy were not identified in this survey, it is not possible to comment meaningfully without further investigation.