About Us

Our vision is to see cancer care in Mid Essex that:

  • Is World class
  • Has the patient at the heart of everything
  • Has everything under one roof
  • Is fully inclusive with patients / carers, healthcare professionals and management all working  together to optimise the patient experience

We work to:

  • Identify patient and carer issues and make recommendations to the appropriate Mid Essex Hospital group and NHS North Essex Group
  • Ensure that the views of hard to reach groups are included
  • Influence the development of cancer and palliative care services so that they are responsive to patient needs
  • Ensure the patient and carer experience is considered at the outset and at every stage in the development of services and information
  • Ensure that the patient / carer experience is integral to the planning and delivery of training and education of health care staff and all volunteers
  • Improve users’ experience of cancer and palliative care services
  • Influence cancer and palliative care policy so that users are central to all aspects of it